Welcome to Glenbrook 2016/17

As we fast approach Glenbrook’s 75th anniversary, we propel the school to the forefront of the 21st century with an updated website (thank you, Cynthia), and…. (drumroll please), our very own BLOG. Say goodbye to the old newsletter; from now on, this is the place to hear all your need to know Glenbrook news.glenbrook-blog

After a busy (and somewhat cooler) few weeks settling old and new children (back) into Glenbrook life, Summer seems like a distant memory. We kick-start our blog with a few welcome notes, firstly from Glenbrook’s Director, Teddy Bears’ and Curious Cats’ teacher – Susan Anderson; followed by notes from our Super Stars and Fantastic Frogs teachers – Yichun Chou and Michelle Winter, and finally, our President – Kristen Zaslavsky.


Recess time for the Fantastic Frogs

Our wonderful 2016-17 school year is underway! We welcome back Michelle Winter, Yichun Chou and Allison Peppelman. The year has started very smoothly for teachers, students and I hope, parents. We have completed our rush of back to school events. I know it is hard to keep all of those dates straight on your calendar and we teachers really appreciate your efforts. I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to our Room Parents: Anna, Youngshin, Katherine and Julie, as well as the E-schedulers, Lesley and Amer, and the Nursery Coordinator, Kelly. It is a lot of front loaded work to get the schedules prepared and synchronized for the start of school.



We teachers also thank the Room Parents for hosting summer get-togethers, which help ease the children into their new class.  The Pierce team on Building and Grounds also organised a whirlwind of weeding and cleaning.


The Curious Cats get creative








Recently, I was musing on the many benefits of cooperatives with a parent. One benefit I have always enjoyed, was that my children existed in a world where it was the normal state of being that their parents knew their friends and families, and vice versa. It was then natural to continue this sense of openness with their friendships into elementary school, and beyond.


More recess fun

We have our wonderful Music and Movement teacher, Michelle Hessel returning on Wednesdays starting October 5th. The 3’s and 4’s classes will have music every Wednesday during the school year. The two’s will also be offered many opportunities for singing and dancing in class. Parents, please let your teachers know if you have some musical skills that you could share in the classroom. I would love to be the assistant teacher in this scenario! I am also happy to say that Jump Bunch will be returning twice a month starting in October. I am so excited to be settling into the routine of our new school year with you all.

Officially, there is some information that MSDE, Maryland State Dept of Education, states needs to be shared. Glenbrook follows the guidelines set forth by MSDE and its affiliate the OCC, Office of Child Care. The school has an Asbestos Program, Monthly Fire Drills and an Emergency and Disaster Plan. As Co-oping Parents you are also owners of the school and are responsible for reporting any suspected cases of child abuse to the Teacher, Director or President so that the proper authorities can be notified. Glenbrook is a close knit community and the welfare of the children is paramount.

Curious Cats at pick-up

Returning or new co-opers, feel free to ask questions; every classroom has a different routine and every year brings new children – Susan


Cats waiting on their logs at home time

Welcome aboard all the Super Stars! We are setting off towards another great year! This is going to be an exciting year for many new families, as well as our returning families.


Print awareness in the Super Stars



In September, we were focusing on helping our 3- year olds to get comfortable with their new classroom and make new friends. This year, we have most of our Super Stars turning 4 before December. So we also starting to learn print awareness of numbers and letters in the beginning of the school year.




During circle time we talk about expressing one’s emotions, words we can use when we play, and keeping ourselves away from germs. Through playing with friends and taking part in demonstrations, we are promoting their social and cognitive development, encouraging desirable behaviors, and helping them to gain emotional control.


Circle time for the Super Stars

Throughout the year, I will implement thematic projects, incorporating hands-on activities and sensory explorations. From time to time, I will check individual student’s social emotional development, cognitive development, and physical development. We will have our parent-teacher meetings in the second half of the school year. In the mean time, you are welcome to speak with me if you have any concerns or questions. I look forward to a wonderful school year with you all! – Yichun


I hope everyone had a relaxing Summer!? Our family had a busy Summer, we spent most of our time at the pool, but also took a trip to the beach and a short trip to Rocky Gap State Park. We also sent our second child to college, so our house is pretty quiet.

Circle time with the Fantastic Frogs


Fantastic Frogs fun!

I am excited about our new group of Fantastic Frogs. We are already off to a great start! The children are becoming familiar with the routines and seem to be enjoying some of the new activites in the classroom. Over the course of the year, we’ll work on alphabet book, journal writing and getting to know Ellie the Elephant! I am also hoping to take field trips to the Locust Grove Nature Center and Davis library. I am looking forward to working with all of the children and families in my class this year. We are finishing up our first literature-based theme on colors and will be  moving onto our next unit soon. Please be on the lookout for the Mrs Winter’s class, Mrs Winter’s class, Who do you see? which will be circulating to each family to introduce you to our new friends – Michelle

Dear Glenbrook Friends,  Welcome to the new school year! If you are like me and my kids, you are relieved and happy to be back at Glenbrook for another school year. Summer has its charms, but Glenbrook provides my children with the structured routine, play, exploration, and social interaction that they need to learn and grow. We have a great school year ahead of us and I hope that all members will participate as fully as they can. Monday Brit-Am soccer after school, Lunch Bunch for our oldest students, a family-friendly social outing/fundraiser, and lots of fun at classroom Halloween parties are just a few of the exciting and enriching Glenbrook activities on the horizon. Be sure to take lots of pictures!


Sandbox fun during recess


Glenbrook is a special collaboration among our fantastic teachers, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Chou, and Mrs. Winter; the parents; and our amazing kids. Our year is off to a great start due to the combined efforts of the entire Glenbrook community. Please continue to animate our little school with your special talents and to take ownership of this unique learning experience this year. And if you love Glenbrook, please share the love: tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues that there still are openings this year in the Super Stars, Fantastic Frogs, and Busy Bees, our new introduction-to-preschool program for young two-years-olds which begins in January – Kristen



∗REMINDER∗ there will be no school on 10/12 (Yom Kippur) or 10/19 (PACT conference for teachers)

If you have any photos, or anything interesting you’d like to share on this blog, please contact the communications committee.