Susan Anderson

Teddy Bears and Curious Cats Teacher

I am a transplant to the DC area (as many are). I am originally from Massachusetts where I also attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. For many years I worked in the hotel industry. I was drawn to that work because of the wonderful contact with guests and the many coworkers. It was in a hotel that I met my husband, Douglas. He is a chef and I would marry him again for his creamy mushroom risotto. There were 9 years where we lived in 4 cities before we settled in DC. We have two boys, Grant and Raine, and the three of them keep me on my toes. Our whole family loves reading, stories of all kinds, and being outside.

After I had my own children I realized that I really wanted to spend more time with my family than hotel work allowed and chose to be home for my children’s early years. These years brought me to Glenbrook as a co–oping parent. Once I started at Glenbrook, I never really left. Along with being a co–oping parent, I spent two years working in Glenbrook’s Sibling Nursery program.

I am very excited by the additional insights on working with the whole child that I gained while completing teacher training. I am a firm believer in the play based learning philosophy practiced at Glenbrook Nursery School. As adults, we are tempted to often call their activities play. On closer inspection, their faces will often show a focus and concentration that lets you know that learning is going on.

I enjoy children immensely and as my own get a little older, I am happy to have this opportunity to continue using play dough, reading picture books and having outdoor play time. I thank the parents who will let me help nurture and grow their children.

It is with a mixture of joy and humility that I take on the additional duties as Educational Director of Glenbrook.  I look forward to continuing Glenbrook’s long history of offering a warm, safe atmosphere for parents, children and teachers to learn and play together.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at