Welcome to Glenbrook!

Glenbrook Cooperative Nursery School is an independent school certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. At Glenbrook, we nurture our children in the early, formative years so they can define themselves as individuals. We strive for this through spontaneous play in a controlled and time structured environment. We believe that children can feel secure only when they understand and trust a set of limits. Their imagination, curiosity, and interests need time to wander, expand, and develop within these limits.

What is a Cooperative Nursery School?

Cooperative nursery schools are administered and maintained by the parents, allowing everyone to grow and learn together. The special nature of Glenbrook is the close working relationship between parents and teachers. Our approach builds a sense of community and togetherness for parents and children.

Glenbrook has a staff of three teachers and one educational director. Through the efforts of a continuum of dedicated and responsible parents and staff, Glenbrook has been part of the community fabric of Bethesda since 1942.

To learn more about our school’s philosophy click here as well as our play-based curriculum click here .