Preschool Curriculum

Glenbrook’s preschool curriculum is designed to help children grow in a way that is best suited to each child’s developmental pace and to meet each child’s needs. These goals are met through play in a controlled and time-structured preschool environment. We feel that a child can feel secure only when he or she understands and trusts a set of limits provided by caring adults. Each child’s imagination, curiosity, and interests need time to wander, to expand and to develop within these limits.

The yearly goals provide the kind of environment and varied experience that will allow children to:

  • Make a successful transition from home.
  • Demonstrate increased self confidence and coping skills.
  • Develop an interest and joy in learning.
  • Accept frustration as part of learning.
  • Develop creativity.
  • Develop self-expression.
  • Develop self control.
  • Develop responsibility.
  • Develop an awareness of consequences as appropriate to his/her development
  • Develop skills that promote positive social interaction with peers.
  • Develop control of their bodies and kinesthetic awareness by using large and small muscles.
  • Develop to the best of their abilities at their own rate.
  • Develop their own interests.
  • Develop their ability to perceive through the five senses.
  • Develop their use of language to increasingly meet their needs and express their thoughts.
  • Use problem solving skills appropriate to his/her development.
  • Develop their listening skills and attention span.
  • Develop their resting and relaxing skills.
  • Develop their understanding and acceptance of their own and others’ feelings
  • Develop some number concepts.
  • Begin developing an appreciation for science and scientific investigation, as well as knowledge about how our world works.
  • Begin developing an appreciation for other cultures and customs.
  • Develop an interest in the printed word and in written language.

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